What is a Grey-labeled editor? How is it different from Pagevamp's regular editor?

A Grey-labeled editor does not have any Pagevamp branding in it, which gives our partners the flexibility of setting their own price, among other things. A Grey-labeled editor allows our partners to have their clients login and make changes to their website editor without knowing that it is powered by Pagevamp. We've made the following changes to Pagevamp's editor for our Grey-labeled version:

  • Pagevamp branding - Pagevamp logo, brand colors, and any text that mentions Pagevamp have been removed.
  • Payment Checkout and Billing - Clients will not be able to checkout or pay directly. They will have to get in touch with a Pagevamp partner if they want to start a subscription.
  • Pagevamp support - Intercom chat support widget has been removed.
  • Domain registration - Domain registration has been disabled. Partners will still be able to link a custom domain to a website directly from the editor or their Reseller dashboard.

Interested in getting access to the Grey-labeled editor for your clients? Please email for more info.

Here are a few screenshots of the Grey-labeled editor.

Client Login ScreenScreen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_2.27.54_PM.png

Account Dashboard

Website Editor

Website Publish Screen

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