Does Pagevamp offer a white/grey label version?

While Pagevamp’s website editor cannot be white labeled for technical reasons associated with our API partners, we offer a suite of features to partners on our enterprise plan that allow for a ‘white labeling’ strategy.

Partners on our enterprise plan have the ability to:

  • Create websites from any Facebook Page of partner’s choice using our ‘Create Website’ tool. Partner does not need to be an administrator of the Facebook Page, and the client doesn’t need to sign-up/login at Learn more about this feature here.
  • Remove ‘Powered by Pagevamp’ branding from all client websites.
  • Add Partner’s logo/text such as Powered by Partner Company in the footer of every client website.
  • Disable all support related communication from Pagevamp to the partner’s clients.
  • Remove Pagevamp name and branding from notification emails sent to clients, such as “You have received a message from your website”, “You have an inquiry”, etc.
  • Add google analytics id so that client can track website performance outside of the Pagevamp editor.
  • Use (dedicated login portal) for clients to login. Clients do not need to go through Pagevamp’s user facing landing page.

What we do not offer at the moment and why?

We do not offer a white/grey labeled login portal and website editor at this moment. This is because Pagevamp’s Facebook App, that gives us permission to use our core features (to use Facebook Page data to create and update a website), is associated with a single domain name:

We are working on ways to bring a fully white labeled solution to our partners. If you’d like us to keep you posted on our progress, please create an account at (for free), which will automatically add you to our mailing list for ongoing updates.

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