Limitations of using Pagevamp's "Create Website" feature

A reseller may experience few limitations while using Pagevamp features if the reseller uses "Create Website"  to create a website for their clients before the admin of the Facebook Page logs into Pagevamp and gives the required permissions to Pagevamp. This happens even when resellers have active paid subscriptions because of the requirements of Facebook.

The limitations resulting from the requirements are as follows: 

  • Real Time Update (RTU) cannot be activated for websites. This means that when the Facebook Page is updated with new content, Pagevamp is not notified of the change and cannot update the website immediately.
  • All websites will be updated every 24 hours. So if a user or reseller doesn't manually 'sync' the website, it could take up to 24 hours for the changes on the Facebook Page to go live on the website.
  • Reviews on the Facebook Page cannot be displayed on the website.




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