6.27 - 7.17 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • Launched a way for users visiting on mobile to preview what their website would look like
  • Launched new pagecoins feature allowing resellers to create and publish websites for pages that have never logged in to Pagevamp
  • Monthly email that goes out to resellers telling them all of their accounts that are up for renewal in next 30 days
  • Launched new payment gateway for the Middle East
Feature changes:
  • Pagevamp notification emails updated to include new Pagevamp branding
  • Themes that have full width google maps now have a clickable overlay that allows users to interact with the features of the map
  • Upgrade button added to the email section if a user does not have a full account
  • More info added at checkout explaining features of email feature
  • When using soundcloud addon in custom page, the default track was not available
  • When certain themes are refreshed, the map that appears in contact section is incorrect for a few seconds
  • There were certain dropdowns in the interface that didn't work properly on some touch devices due to a hidden div
  • Design issue in newsfeed of flow theme
  • Photography themes where albums are loaded in phases have loading issue
  • Costa and Blarney call-to-action button overlapping with newsletter sidebox
  • Pagevamp logo was not appearing on ecommerce modal of Galleria theme
  • There were some glitches in navigation for websites with many pages
  • Font load glitchiness for some themes
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