5.9 - 5.16 Deployment Summary

Feature changes:
  • Affiliates can now use discount codes created by the reseller that manages their affiliate account
  • Changed UX for custom logo upload so that it was less likely that users would accidentally hide their logos
  • Call-to-action button now displaying on all pages of a website rather than just homepage
Bug fixes:
  • Luna gallery images getting cropped in mobile view
  • Pagevamp logo color not consistent throughout interface
  • Custom page addon position is off Spanish and Italian languages
  • Issue one one-page themes when the homepage is not set to be the landing page
  • Horizontal scrollbar showing up on Nova theme for some users
  • Some navigation texts not displaying properly in Focus theme
  • Call-to-action button not placed properly in certain themes
  • Contact page map was missing for a specific page
  • Grammatical error fixed in ecommerce thank you message
  • Reposition homepage image feature having text overflow issue when translated into Portuguese or Turkish
  • Custom about content formatting issue in Nova theme
  • Some translations were incorrect for Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Pagecoins stats were not displaying accurate metrics

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