Using the Affiliate Dashboard (For Affiliates)

As a Pagevamp Affiliate, you'll be able to create send tracking codes to clients. Whenever a client clicks on one of your tracking codes, they will be tagged as your customer for a period of 90 days. If they upgrade during that 90 day period, you will receive a commission!

Below are the main features of the Affiliate dashboard. If you have any additional questions, please let us know at 


Earnings tab - The Affiliate's earnings are displayed here. Affiliate can request 'cashout' to get the earnings from the Reseller associated with their account.

Clients tab - Users who have logged into Pagevamp and their characteristics (when did they login, are they on trial or paid plans, etc) are displayed here.

Statistics tab - Statistics/Graph and monthly breakdown of trials activated, paid subscriptions activated are displayed here.

Tracking tab - Affiliate can create unique tracking codes to be used in marketing campaigns. All tracking codes created by the affiliate and statistics on the performance of each tracking code are displayed here.

Settings tab - Includes general settings including the ability to add others as admin to the Affiliate account.

Support tab - This links to which contains all the necessary resources for our Partners.

Create Website tab - This tab allows you to create a website from your client's Facebook Page even if you are not an admin of their Facebook Page.



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