4.18 - 4.25 Deployment Summary

New Features:
  • New pagecions account type created: Affiliate. Distributors can now create affiliate accounts who are able to use tracking codes to bring clients, but do not need to buy pagecoins. They get a commission on every client they bring
  • Pagevamp landing page launched for Korea
Feature Changes:
  • Discount codes can now be used by resellers to get client attribution. If a client uses a reseller's discount code, that client will now how up in that resellers pagecoins account
  • Fixed the notification email that is sent to resellers when their clients start trials
  • CSS not applied properly for custom content added to the "About" page on clients' websites
  • Fixed a site unpublishing error that occurred for paypal customers renewing their accounts
  • Some performance metrics were not displaying properly in the admin dashboard
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