6.27 - 7.4 Deployment Summary

New features: 
  • The editor and admin experience now available in Polish
  • Launched landing page in Polish
  • Launched landing page in Chinese
  • Launched ability to modify the size of your logo on your site
  • Ability to modify facebook short description in Pagevamp added
Feature changes:
  • The buttons of the "Choose Homepage Images" feature have been rearranged to make experience simpler
  • In checkout, when credit card expiration date was requested, it was confusing as to whether user needs to add a "/" in the date or not. This has been changed
  • Updated Pagevamp branding in a few different interfaces
  • Changed price on Italian landing page
  • Some end user websites in Italy are not showing the proper cookie banner
  • Newsletter subscribe button getting misaligned when text of button is long
  • The cookie banner that displays for Italian websites was affecting the navigation of some of those websites
  • .ico files were not uploading properly to be used as favicons
  • Changing contact details not updating in editor until page is refreshed
  • Newsletter widget not switching languages with the theme language selected
  • Email registration was deducting pagecoins for the user's reseller account
  • Videos without captions not displaying in the gallery for certain themes
  • Users album missing from their gallery due to number of photos within album
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