Submitting Support Requests to Pagevamp

If there is an issue with the product or Pagecoins dashboard that requires our attention, you can submit a support request and someone from our team will examine the issue and get back to you. 

Please submit support requests to us at, unless they are very high priority (as indicated below). Requests will be addressed in the following ways:


High Priority

Only requests of very high priority should be sent to account managers directly, whether via WhatsApp, Skype, or email. High Priority requests involve issues that affect multiple customers in such a way that their website is unusable, or issues that affect demonstration such that demoing to potential partners or customers will be impossible unless the issue is addressed immediately. All other requests are considered “Normal Priority” and must go through


Normal Priority

All requests that are not “High Priority” must be sent to All requests will receive a response, but not all requests will be addressed. In order for requests to be addressed, they must meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Repeated occurrence.
    • If customer(s) or another partner has requested that the issue be fixed, it will be examined.
    • If the issue is already in the development queue, if many other customers or partners request it, it will be moved higher in the development queue
  2. Substantial interference
    • The issue must interfere in a meaningful way with normal sales and marketing operations as a Pagevamp partner. Example: When you log in on Safari, you are unable to edit some of your pages.

For all other requests, such as new feature requests or small bug fixes, we will examine them and prioritize according to the following criteria:

  1. Will this new feature or bug fix help bring in new customers?
  2. Will this new feature or bug fix help prevent existing customers from churning?
  3. Will this help partners recruit other partners?

We will still respond to each request, but we cannot promise that low priority requests will be addressed in a timely fashion. 

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