3.28 - 4.4 Deployment Summary

New Features:

  • Users in Chile can now register .cl domains when on annual full accounts
  • Users can now "preview" websites they are not admins of, though they can only "create" websites for pages they are admins of
  • Users can now choose the alignment of their homepage images, so that the important parts of the image don't get cropped
Feature Changes:
  • Custom CSS can no longer hide the Pagevamp logo at the footer of customer websites
Bug Fixes:
  • Element theme inquiry form submission issue
  • Text overlap issue in checkout for Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Text overflowing for Spanish language in ecommerce
  • Middle East "About" page text cut-off on iPad
  • "Read more" button cut-off from newsposts with videos in Nova theme
  • When browser is zoomed in, user cannot exit the trial popup
  • Bulleted text on custom pages did not have proper line spacing
  • Pages with huge amounts of albums or photos did not vamp properly
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