3.15 - 3.21 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • When you first create a site, now you are shown a preview of your site immediately after logging in with facebook rather than shown the tutorial. Tutorial is now broken down in to sections. To start tutorial, you click the help button on the top bar of the editor
  • Dropdown added to Middle East landing page allowing users to view the page in English rather than Arabic
  • Site map created for since redesign to help with SEO
  • has now been updated to the new branding and features. Pagecoins login is now required to use
Feature changes:
  • Confirmation message shown in pagecoins when a reseller adds or drops a client
  • Ecommerce marketing image on middle east landing page modified to not show alcohol
  • Added to new JSON variables to be sent in Italy invoices
Bug fixes:
  • Arabic language option not available for 2 themes
  • Several bugs fixed on middle east landing page
  • Continuum theme short description text had glitchy resizing
  • Style issue when adding a product in custom page editor
  • In Nova theme, when a website had no news posts, there was no message displayed to say that there are no news posts
  • Pricing for Malaysian landing page in mobile devices was showing in dollars
  • There were certain cases where the text on the newsletter widget would get cut off
  • Newsletter widget design issues when viewed on mobile
  • Some logos not displaying properly on end user websites
  • Some custom page creation issues in IE10 browser
  • Issue when user selects Portuguese as there theme language
  • More intercom variable errors fixed
  • Issues with long newsposts being displayed in the news page settings
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