6.7 - 6.20 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • Pagevamp launches service for customers to register emails for the domains they register in Pagevamp
  • You can now upload images to be set as homepage images

Feature changes:
  • You can now edit name and email of users within investigate tool
  • Right to left text now available for ecommerce interface
  • Users can now remove homepage images without having to wait for reload when each image is removed
Bug fixes:
  • Resmio widgets did not display properly on mobile devices
  • Business address not loading in contact page settings on first load
  • Text alignment issue in Nova theme
  • Logging in as client account in pagecoins sometimes shows error
  • Event time error for a few themes
  • Some colors not displaying properly in Nova theme
  • When default pages were subpages, even if they were hidden in interface, they were still displaying on website
  • Distributors were not able to login as their end customer accounts
  • Title of Nova default page gets hidden when that page has a subpage
  • Navigation font not changing properly for Blarney theme
  • Pages with long facebook page name are having page name overlap issue in Explora theme
  • Flow and Explora are not displaying recent events if there are no upcoming events
  • New tab opening when viewing more info for events in Luna theme
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