5.30 - 6.6 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • Landing page launched in Portuguese
Feature changes:
  • Changed the text of "style" settings of a page to make it more clear what this feature does
  • Ecommerce cart modals now updated to show new branding
  • Analytics event tracking added for call-to-action buttons across our themes
  • More info added to notification email when user signs up for full account directly with Pagevamp
  • Call-to-action buttons that link to a URL no longer open that URL in a new tab
  • Resmio widget had responsiveness issue within custom pages
  • Several missing translation texts have been added to dashboard
  • Newsletter box positions on Focus were covering up important features
  • Vimeo and Soundcloud icons getting displayed in Galleria even if no urls have been provided for those icons
  • There were a few cases where short description text and logo would overlap in flow theme
  • Some bugs would occur when the title of a custom page was fully removed
  • Tab highlighting not working properly in Luna navigation
  • Word-wrapping issue for news posts in prism theme
  • Session expired popup in Spanish has some style issues
  • Tall logos getting cut-off in boutique theme
  • Issue with vamping pages that the user is not an admin of
  • Newsletter box text overlap occurring in arabic language
  • Some pages were appearing in pagecoins as "On Trial" even though they were never logged into
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