Setting up an Affiliate Account (For Distributors)

1. Distributor should login to their Pagecoins account ( Go to the Resellers tab and click 'Add Reseller'

- Please make sure the Affiliate has logged into Pagevamp to create a user account. You can then search by email address associated with their Facebook Profile or their User ID to create an account.




2. Choose 'Affiliate' as the type. Each Affiliate needs to be associated with a Reseller.

- Choose one of your Resellers in the dropdown. This Reseller will be associated with the Affiliate and all pre and post sales support for the clients brought on by the Affiliate.

- Fill out the % of commission set for the Affiliate + necessary Company info


An Affiliate account will be created. The Affiliate can then go to to login to their Account. 

Pagecoins from the Reseller's account will automatically be deducted when there is a direct signup from an affiliate. It is the Reseller's responsibility to pay the Affiliate ($ earnings are shown in the Earnings tab of the Affiliate account)

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