4.5 - 4.11 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • English version of Middle East landing page created
  • Subscription renewal date added to pagecoins client list. Clients now sortable by subscription renewal date
  • We can now embed code into the head of end user websites from within investigator
Feature changes:
  • No longer allowing blank email address for website contact form
  • Vampboxes updated to have the new logo displayed
  • Translations updated for themes and admin across several languages
Bug fixes:
  • Some newsfeed links on end user sites were not responsive
  • Clicking Pagevamp logo at checkout was redirecting user to homepage
  • Social icons style bug for Flash theme
  • Trial extending functionality added to investigator
  • A few links broken within Nova, Costa, and Continuum when using custom domains
  • Flow theme newsfeed "previous" and "next" links were switched
  • After selecting the timezone for your website, there was no way to switch back to the default timezone
  • Error when editing the embed code in the embed addon
  • Style issue in newsfeed of continuum theme when viewed in iPad portrait view
  • Placeholder text missing in contact form for Luna theme in Mozilla browser
  • Vamping a page you are not the admin of was not working when visiting Pagevamp via tracking code
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