Creating email addresses for your Domain name on

Please note that this applies only to Domain names that are registered through Pagevamp.

1. Go to and Signup.


2. Insert the Domain name you want to set up email addresses for.

3. Fill in the details to create admin email, password and signup

4. To Verify domain, copy TXT code and send it to 

5. Pagevamp Support team will add verification and server records to your domain within 24 hours of you reaching out. Please go back after receiving a confirmation from Pagevamp and click 'Verify by TXT'.

6. You can go through the next steps to set up more emails and groups! If you choose to migrate emails or configure mail clients, you can do so as well. Please ignore the follow step to 'Configure Email Delivery' as that will already have been addressed by the Pagevamp Support team.


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