3.7 - 3.14 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • Landing page created for Indonesia in Indonesian
  • SEO tags added to the footer of all our customers' websites to help Pagevamp's standing in search
  • Resellers can now add clients to their pagecoins dashboard by entering the Facebook ID of the client they would like to add. If the client is not already attributed to another reseller, it will appear in their dashboard
  • Ability to add your google analytics ID and track your website's performance in google analytics dashboard
Feature changes:
  • When you exit the custom page editor without saving your changes, you are now prompted to save your changes
  • Users are now asked to confirm whether or not they want to unpublish their websites when they click the "on" button in sites tab for a website
  • Full account plans and pricing removed from the first "trial started" popup since users were thinking they had to pay for the trial
  • The transition effect when editing your newsletter settings is now consistent with other dropdown transition effects
  • Beta stamp removed for ecommerce
Bug fixes:
  • Images on newsfeed not displaying for certain websites on initial load
  • Newly published websites were missing a sitemap for SEO purposes
  • Messages sent to customers via their product inquiry form were not logging with proper user ID in our database
  • Privacy policy and terms issues corrected
  • Photo inquiry button not working properly for Focus theme
  • Responsiveness issue in the add page interface
  • Style issues corrected for the page you see when visiting a website that has been unpublished
  • Descriptions for ecommerce products were getting cropped incorrectly
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