2.29 - 3.6 Deployment Summary

New features:
  • Launched landing page in Turkish for Turkey region
  • Additional blocks to prevent spam IPs from hitting our servers, also slow down of search engine bots
Feature changes:
  • Cosmetic change to the photo inquiry feature to make it more consistent with rest of interface
  • Updated translation files for Turkish language
  • Popups that appear on landing page for login errors are now Pagevamp branded
  • Removed unnecessary 1 sentence addon description from custom page editor
  • Ecommerce checkout for end user websites now has new checkout branding
Bugs that have been fixed:
  • Analytics event label had been incorrectly implemented
  • Bug relating to the default text in Newsletter setting for certain browers
  • Bold text on about page of customer websites had a style bug
  • A few websites whose trial ended got deleted even if they connected a custom domain
  • Bug preventing users from resizing large images in custom page editor
  • Navigation links weren't working for /en landing page
  • Issue with the responsiveness of Boutique theme
  • Popup when you delete a custom page was not rebranded
  • Fixed all the gaps where intercom variables were not being updated properly
  • Translations not applied properly in a few places
  • Confirmation message when adding email to newsletter was off
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