Features and Bug Fixes

New features:
  • Intercom chat widget now displaying in the editor interface
  • "View" site button added to every website in the sites tab of account page. This makes it easy for users to actually open their different websites without going into the editor
  • Login prompt for returning users on Italy landing pages that explains that Facebook login is required
Feature Changes:
  • Back arrow in Pagevamp editor has slightly different functionality now. Rather than always taking you back to the account page, it takes you back one layer in the interface. If you are selecting a theme and you click the back arrow, you will be taken back to the editor. If you click the back arrow again, you will be taken back to the account section.
  • When changing homepage images, rather than have the loader appear over the whole interface, we now only display it over the homepage image selection interface.
  • Homepage elements sizing on laptops with small to mid-sized screens was uncomfortable because the items were so large that a lot of scrolling was required. Now there is a new responsive tier so that items appear comfortably sized on these devices for landing pages
  • Custom page editor now fully translatable into other languages
  • Italy landing page partners form now translated into Italian
  • Testimonial text modified for Italian landing page
  • Pagevamp plans in pricing section of landing page now highlight the annual plan by default, rather than the monthly plan
  • Translations updated for Portuguese, Burmese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Indonesian
  • Landing pages launched for Japan and Thailand
  • Admin panel launched in Japanese, Turkish, Thai, and Indonesian.
  • Partners signup form now links from the topbar of the landing pages
  • Pagecoins severely optimized to improve speed


Bug fixes:

  • Click zone for mobile navigation not large enough, which makes it difficult to use navigation for many sites.
  • The color boxes for changing your theme color were not matching the corresponding colors that actually appear on the theme.
  • Korea "push changes live" button was overflowing
  • Italy homepage pricing language was inconsistent for the monthly vs annual plan
  • Deleting a parent page also deleted the pages subpages
  • Certain cases of exiting out of the custom page editor caused the site preview frame to get stuck in infinite load
  • Responsive issues for text addon in custom page editor
  • Theme language sometimes showing in English by default even if the local language of the user is available
  • In certain cases, the domain credits count is not being set properly
  • Formatting for ecommerce stores on mobile has been corrected
  • Ecommerce tab gave an error when user had no stores


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