CRM Features in Pagecoins

In addition to increasing the top of the funnel and gaining more inbound leads, Pagecoins also functions as a CRM system to help you convert the leads into paying customers.

In your Clients tab (read more about the Clients tab here), you can now edit the "Lead Status" of your clients based on your interactions with them and the actions you've taken to convert them. 


 In the column labeled Lead Status on the right-hand side, you can edit the lead status of each client. At the top, you can filter your client list according to their status. 

This feature allows you to track which customers you've reached out to, which customers have engaged with your communication attempts, and which customers you've won or lost. You can then use this information to better optimize your conversion strategy in the future. As always, refer to our Marketing Resources for ways to increase your customer leads and help convert them to paying customers. 

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