Creating a Discount Code

Through the Discounts Tab, resellers can create discount codes to share with customers.

1. In the Discounts Tab, click Create a New Discount Code.


2. Enter a name and description for your code and set the Discount Percentage.

    Name and description the customer will see this information when they enter the discount code at checkout.

    New subscription the discount a customer receives when they first upgrade their account.

    Subscription renewal the discount a customer receives when they renew their account for another year. If a customer uses the discount code to upgrade their account, this discount will automatically be applied when they renew their subscription. (Set this to 0 if you don't want to add a discount for subscription renewal.) 


3. The discount will now appear under your Discounts Tab with options to delete (2), edit (3), or view usage statistics (4). Give the code (1) to customers to use when they upgrade their account.


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