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These websites are beautiful, fully-functional, and are great examples of how some of our users have utilized Pagevamp to create stunning sites for their artistic endeavors. 

1. Gale McAll Photography -

With a breathtaking Gallery page and a sleek, simplistic design, Gale McAll Photography is a great site to showcase to any photographers looking to display their work on their website. 


2. Fotoclaudio -

Fotoclaudio is another great site to show to photographers. Their "prices" page is a great example of how an artist can include price information in a way that still highlights their work.


3. Darkhaus -

Darkhaus, an international Dark-rock band, has made use of themes and dark colors on their website that fit their musical style perfectly.


4. Root 69 - 

A fantastic site from a groovy band, Root 69 shows how to inject some style into your Pagevamp page. 


5. Filmbalaya Films -

This site is beautifully arranged, yet incredibly simple to navigate. One of the best one-page designs we've seen. 


6. Creative Films -

This website shows you how to perfectly capture life's precious moments.


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Food and Beverage

These websites are beautiful, fully-functional, and are great examples of our customers in the F&B industry. 

1. Café Azúcar Morena -

 The images and colors used in Café Azúcar Morena's website very well portray the ambiance in their cafe.


2. Green Style Insalateria -

Two beautiful pictures of healthy food on the homepage tell us all we need to know about this place. 


3. Shockolaah -

In addition to the mouthwatering picture on their homepage, Shocholaah has made great use of their custom "Menu" page, in which they've embedded a full menu of their desserts. 


4. Meet Social Grill -

This restaurant has used the 'Add-on' feature to embed a Reservation widget. 

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Some great examples of Non-profit sites from customers around the world. 

1. -

An organization based in the same city as Pagevamp HQ, they've made the most of every aspect of their page.  


2. Fundación Dann Siman A.C. -

Several custom pages, external links, uploaded files and an active news page make this a great example site for non-profits. 

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1. Dzieciowe Cytaty -

A heartwarming page from the parents of two boys. Also, we learned a great tip from them - if you want to make your homepage look even more professional, change your color scheme to match the color palette of your photos. 

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Two great examples of small businesses that use Pagevamp to advertise their products. 

1. El Conejo Blanco -

With a homepage that shows off its wonderful products and maintains the color theme established in the name, El Conejo Blanco is a great site from a great small business. 


2. Chairman -


Chairman is a great site to show to any prospective business clients. 


3. Ducati Lebanon: Middle East Bikes S.A.L. -

This site will make you feel as if you are in an exquisite virtual showroom of Ducati motorcycles!



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Here are three great examples of small business service providers that use Pagevamp to spread the word about their businesses. 

1. Amantran Spa & Salon -

It's hard not to crave a trip to the spa after spending some time on this website. They've made great use of a design that offers a pop-out menu, to hide the text of the tabs so you can focus on the powerful spa imagery on the homepage. 


2. Studio Legale Avv. Alessandro Adamo -

Here's a great site to show any prospective Legal or Business Consulting clients. 


3. Palawan Tours -

Their homepage makes you want to quit your job and move to The Philippines. 


4. Style -

Just as their name says, you can see in the amazing ambiance portrayed by their website that this salon is all about style!


5. Endless Knot Journeys -

This website is a rich source of information for those who want to travel South Asian countries.


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