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At Pagevamp our mission is to help you quickly and easily create your own awesome website. Your webpage is your pitch to potential customers and defines your brand, so it’s important that it looks good. Here are some tips on making the most of your site’s design. (Download this article through the link at the bottom.)


Upload High Quality images

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, having high quality images makes your brand look high quality. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take some photos that you can use around your website. Then enable HQ photos on your Facebook page so all your posts will look great.

Make the most of your Homepage Image

Use the “Change Homepage Images” functionality to make a great first impression. You can choose from any of your Facebook photos to set 1 exemplary image or multiple “slider” photos that your homepage will cycle through. If your design features multiple images at the same time, make sure they look good together and combine to create the best possible impression of your business.

Help viewers contact you

If a potential customer has trouble contacting you, you may lose them! Taking just a few extra seconds to input your contact information in the designated slots will keep your page organized and enable a Google maps widget to display your location. You can update this information via Facebook or through Pagevamp. Try out our Newsletter widget too!

Make the most of your News Feed
Be sure to create enticing content that engages your audience. Interactive is always better! If you don’t want all of your Facebook posts to show up on your Pagevamp site, use our news filter feature. You can also choose to turn off automatic updates.

Upload Logo and Favicon
You worked hard on your logo, so why not put it everywhere you can? Upload it to Pagevamp so it appears on your site. For best results, we recommend a rectangular .png image with a transparent background. Then make it your Favicon, so it appears in your web browser too.

Organize your content with custom pages

Your Facebook page is a great way to start with your Pagevamp site, but why not add custom content too? You can create subpages and other custom content, then organize them so your page is easy to navigate.

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