Maximizing Your Facebook Content

If you’ve read our one-pager about branding through Facebook, you know all about how to keep your Facebook page looking great. But it’s important to maintain frequent activity on your page to keep viewers coming back to your site.


News Feed

Interesting, engaging posts in your News Feed go a long way in attracting and retaining customers. And all your activity also shows up on Pagevamp in your “News” tab! You can publicize events, promotions, or good news. Try linking to other businesses or events you’re involved with to increase your viewers. You can also filter what appears on Pagevamp and disable auto-updates.


Customer reviews are a fabulous way to gain credibility. Don’t be afraid to ask customers to write a short review for you. Reviews won’t show up on your Pagevamp site, but they will encourage traffic! You can thank customers by featuring them in a post to your news feed or blog.



Keeping your Facebook and Pagevamp pages visual helps draw a viewer’s attention and keep them interested. Upload pictures so they know what you’re all about: your venue, products, events, people, or inspirations. Try to use high-quality images and keep them organized in albums. You can also filter what albums appear on Pagevamp.


Pinned Posts

Focus your visitors to the most important content on your Facebook page by pinning special posts. Each pinned post will appear pegged to the top of your Facebook page for 7 days. You can use this to feature special promotions, announcements, or successes you definitely want your visitors to see.


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