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So you have an awesome Pagevamp website. How do you get people to see it? The key to getting found online is Search Engine Optimization--SEO. When someone searches a relevant topic online, SEO helps your site appear at the top. It’s important stuff, but it can be complicated. Here are some basic tips and tricks to get you started--try them out and see how you do! Warning: Changing your SEO settings can hurt your SEO if done incorrectly. Pagevamp automatically creates SEO tags, titles, and descriptions for all of your pages. If you choose to change these settings, make sure you've done your research! But don't worry - you can always reset your settings to the ones Pagevamp created for you.


Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

When starting with SEO, the first step is to learn who your audience is and what they’re searching for. Try using an analytics tool like Google Adwords Keyword Planner to figure out the exact words that will catch the most searchers. Then incorporate these words into your page titles and meta descriptions. Tip: try to make your keywords specific to reduce your page’s competition, and keep it 50-55 characters including spaces. Name each page on your Pagevamp site something easily searchable too.


More Viewers = More Viewers

It’s quite simple--the more people visit your website, the more reputable it seems to search engines, which ranks it higher. Get more visitors by including links to your Pagevamp site on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you use, and in your email signature. You can also put it on your business card, and refer people to your site if they have questions. Tip: invite more viewers by asking customers to give you feedback on your website.


Back-and-forth links

Having logical, organic links throughout your site will help its ranking. So will having other sites linking to you. In addition to including your URL on your social media pages, encourage business partners or clients to include links to your page. A great way to do this is to post great content on your blog that others will want to reference.

Likewise, include links to partners, products, or events you recommend. Be sure to feature reputable sites, and use text that describes what the link is - search engines rank both those factors higher. There are a lot of resources online about the best and worst links to include.


Activate Webmaster Tools

There’s no doubt Google is the largest search engine out there, so use it to your advantage by creating an account on google webmaster tools, which tells Google your site exists. For added punch, register with Bing too.

Check out Pagevamp’s support center for more resources and SEO tips.

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