Linking a Custom Domain

Linking domains will allow you or your users to host a Pagevamp website on a domain name that is registered outside of Pagevamp’s system. To do this, you must link via the Pagecoins portal (steps 1-3), as well as through the external domain name's Site Registrar (steps 4-5). Instructions are below.

1. To begin, log in to and click on the Clients tab.


2. Select the client whose domain you want to link, and click on the settings cogwheel.


3. On the right, enter the domain name you or your client already holds. Be sure to only enter the domain name, which will be something like or Don’t include the “www,” “http,” or anything else in the beginning.


3. Click Link Domain. You have now linked the domain through Pagevamp.

You'll also need to point the external domain back to the Pagevamp server through that domain's registrar.

4. To connect the domain, you need to change the A-Records for the root domain and the "www" version in the domain's DNS settings. That means one record will exist for and one for (no 'www'). They should both point to the IPv4 address

 If you prefer, you can also contact your domain registrar company's support team so they can link the domain for you. We recommend sending the following message:
"To connect the domain, you need to change A-Records for both "www" and the root domain in the DNS settings of the domain. That's one record for pointing to And one record also pointing to" 

Please email us if you encounter any issues.

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