Visual Branding via Facebook

Every business wants to have the best Facebook page on the web. An attractive, effective page helps gain followers, encourages interaction with your brand, and makes your Pagevamp site look great! Here are some tips to maximize your company's visual branding on your Facebook page.

Your first step should be to update your Facebook cover photo, profile picture, and short description.

A great example of visual branding on a Facebook page.


Cover Photo

Your cover photo on Facebook becomes the homepage image on your Pagevamp site. Make sure this picture is representative of your brand. A high quality image makes a huge difference. Your cover photo will look best if it falls within Facebook's dimension guidelines. You can also change it to draw attention to promotions or announcements.

As a default, Pagevamp will set your current cover photo as your homepage image, but you can also change it without altering your Facebook page. (If you do not change your homepage image through Pagevamp, it will automatically sync to your Facebook cover photo whenever you add a new cover photo.)

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is another great way to advertise your brand--we recommend making it your company’s logo. You’re best off with an a 180x180 pixel image that also looks good in a thumbnail at 32x32.


On Pagevamp your profile picture appears beside or above the text on your “About” page, depending on your selected design theme. You can also upload a Favicon.


Short Description

Your short description is a quick pitch that will hook customers and make them want to explore your page. (It also shows up on your Pagevamp homepage.) Make it quick, interesting, and informative: 1 sentence will do.

Don’t include all the specific information about your business--use Facebook’s “About” page categories for that. Contact information belongs in the categories provided in "Page Info", not in your short description. This helps make your short description quick and captivating, and optimizes your page for use with Pagevamp and other third-party apps!

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