Create a website for your client

You can create a website using any Facebook page of your choice and show it to your clients. Here's how you can do it:

1. Copy the URL of a Facebook page.


2. Now in your Reseller Dashboard, click on Create Website.


3. Paste the Facebook page URL as shown below.


4 When you see an image/logo of the Facebook Page, click Continue.



This page has now been added to your client's list. You can login to this page and manage it.

1. To login to this page, go back to the Create a Website tab, and click on the Settings cogwheel of this page.


2. Then on the right, click Login to Client's Account.


4. Now that you are logged in to the website's dashboard, you can then edit the website by following instructions here

After you've finished editing the website, you can connect it to a domain that you already own, or you can connect it to Pagevamp subdomain and show it to your client. You can find the instructions for connecting a domain/subdomain here.

You can now show this website to your client!

Note: Using this feature has some limitations for the websites created. Learn more about the limitations here.


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