Adding a new admin/user to your Reseller Dashboard

Here's how you can add a new admin to your Reseller Dashboard

1. Go to and login to your Reseller Dashboard.

2. Go to Settings Tab. Then click on Admins.


3. Click Add User.


4. Now, there are two ways to add an admin:


1st method: On the left, you will see 'Search User'. Here, you can only search for people who have already logged into Pagevamp. Enter the email address of the Facebook account that they used to login to Pagevamp, and hit 'Enter'. Then, select whether you want to make them a 'User' or an Admin of your Reseller dashboard (as shown in the screenshot below).


2nd method: On the right, you will see 'Invite to Create Admin'. Enter their email address of the person, select whether you want to make them a 'User' or an 'Admin'. You can also include an invitation message if you want. Once you send the invite, the new admin will receive an email will instructions to access your Reseller Dashboard and change their password.

After you follow these steps, the new admin/user will be added to your Reseller Dashboard.

Please click here to learn the difference between an admin and a user.


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