Remove Pagevamp's logo from your client's website

You can now remove Pagevamp's logo from the footer of your clients' website. But before you do that, please make sure that your client's website is upgraded to a Full Account.

If the client hasn't switched to a Full Account, you can upgrade it by following the instructions here.

Here are the instructions to remove Pagevamp's logo:

1.After you've logged into your Reseller dashboard, go to Clients tab.

2. Click on the settings gear icon of the client for whom you want to remove Pagevamp's logo. Note that you can only remove Pagevamp's logo for clients who have a Full Account.


3. Select the plan as shown below to remove Pagevamp's logo.


4. Login to the client's account and click Publish at top-right corner.

Activating this plan will remove Pagevamp’s logo from the footer of your client’s website.

The price of this plan is 1 Pagecoin per month for each client who wants to remove Pagevamp’s logo from their website.

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    is the removal of pagevamp logo a one time fee or monthly fee?

    is it included in the fee a client has to pay ?

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